Our Team

LightingArt consists of a group of artists, designers & programmers. Each and every one, bearing their ideas, images and technical equipment as their armory, compose light.

All of them together, with their passion, love, respect and need for creativity and innovation, form the team of LightingArt.

George Tellos

Born in Frankfurt, Germany studied at the Universitaet Des Saarlandes and at the Department of Theater Studies, at the University of Athens in Greece. Upon completion of his studies he started his career in lighting, worked as a lighting designer on numerous events, from live concerts and theatrical performances all over the world to architectural projects, music and dance shows,
conventions and TV shows. Since October 2009 he is leading two Lighting Design offices, one in Frankfurt and one in Athens. Since 2013 he is Co-Founder of the Architectural lighting firm ARTIC, based in Ridyadh, Athens, Frankfurt.
His professional philosophy is to help create an appropriate enviroment in an efficient manner in order to present the production envisioned by the client.


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Irene Samartzi


She was born and raised in Athens. She studied at University of Applied Sciences (TEI of Western Greece), where she worked as a supervising engineer. In 2008, she started working in the field of lighting, at first as an assistant alongside George Tellos, then as a designer.

For the past year, she serves as the lighting department coordinator of George Tellos’ company.


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Panagiotis Tsevrenis

He was born and raised in Athens. He studied biomedical engineering. He’s worked in the entertainment industry for 11 years.

In 2007, he first started working for George Tellos’ as a lighting operator, programmer and designer in Greece and abroad.


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Maria Samartzi

She was born and raised in Athens. She studied management and finance, specialising in the field of economics. Since 2000, she professionally pursues accounting, having worked as an assistant accountant at accounting offices and accounting departments of various companies. In 2009, she first started working for George Tellos’ company as an accountant.


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George Polizos

He was born and raised in Athens. He studied at the School of Civil Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens.

Since 2013, he works at George Tellos’ company.


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