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 Does the site use “cookies”?

The company may collect information about the users of the site, using similar technologies, such as cookies and/or the Monitoring of Internet Protocol (IP) addresses.

Cookies are small text files that are stored on the hard disk of each user and are not aware of any document or file from their computer, they are used to facilitate the user’s access to specific services and/or pages of the website for statistical purposes and in order to determine which areas are most useful or popular. Two types of cookies are used on this site: (a) “Browser” cookies – these are transient cookies that remain in the cookie folder of the browser for as long as the user is linked to the site and (b) “Persistent” cookies – these remain in the browser Cookies folder that the user uses for much longer (although for how long, it depends on the lifetime of the cookie). Browser cookies are used to improve the user’s navigation on the site and to collect aggregated statistical information. This aggregated statistical information is used for internal use purposes only by the “Company” and will not be provided to third parties. Persistent cookies are used on the site to store information on the user’s computer for various purposes, but not limited to the retrieval of specific information that the user has provided previously (e.g.password details), for defining the areas of the site that users find most interesting and configuring the site according to the user’s preferences. This data may also include the type of browser used by the user, the type of computer, their operating system, Internet service provider and other such information. In addition, the information system of the website automatically collects details about the sites visited by the user and about the links to third party websites that he or she may choose through the use of the site. The user of the website may configure his program for surfing the Internet (Web browser) in such a way that either warns him about the use of cookies on specific services or does not allow the acceptance of the use of cookies in any case. If the user of the specific services and pages does not wish to use cookies to identify him, he may not have further access to these services.

Each user’s computer receives an IP address each time he/she has access to the Internet. Through this, the user’s computer can receive and send data. In general, every time the user logs on to the Internet, the IP address of the user is changed. However, under certain circumstances (e.g. with some broadband connections) The IP address of the user becomes stable. A fixed IP address can be associated with this user computer and can therefore lead to the user’s personal information. Web log information is non-personal information collected by the computer hosting the site each time a user visits. Examples of the type of information that may be collected using the IP address and/or Web log information include details of the date and time visited on the site and the type of browser and operating system Computer, which was used. The “Company”, or its authorized representatives, uses the user’s IP address or Web log information to collect and report aggregated information about how the site is used and how the site can be Improve.